• Urthboy-cambridge-hotel.jpg Urthboy - Cambridge Hotel, Friday 17th March

  • gtm-2017.jpg Groovin The Moo Maitland 2017, Saturday 29th April

  • Katy-Steele-48-watt-street.jpg Katy Steele - 48 Watt Street Newcastle, Sunday 26th Feb

  • kingswood-newcastle-cambridge-hotel-2017.jpg Kingswood - Cambridge Hotel, Wednesday 29th March

  • hard-grime-maitland-gaol-2017-music.jpg Hard Grime - Maitland Gaol, 4th March 2017

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Homesville Hotel
Katy Steele
Holmesville Hotel
Katy Steele - 48 Watt St Newcastle
Groovin The Moo 2017
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Groovin The Moo 2017
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Kingswood Cambridge Hotel Newcastle
Reverb Street Press Online
Kingswood - Cambridge Hotel
Reverb Street Press Online
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